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Internet Search Engines

Google, probably the best Internet search engine I've used so far. So, I set it up so you can use it right from here. Happy Searching! does seem to give me diferent results than Google does, but the Un-Scripted Theater Company is on page 10 when I search for "improv San Francisco", so I wonder how good this site really is.


What was that phone number again?

A good online phone directory. I use it to find the phone numbers of stores all the time.

How do I get there?

The first Map Site I ever saw.  It's still one of the Best.

The first Map Site I ever saw.



Oh Google, how you rock at most everything you do. Including maps!


One of the most popular map sites.


Yet More Maps.

Now, just like Google Maps. Sweet!

Where to eat, see a movie, or catch a show?

(Go see an improv show)

City Search

Restaurants, movies, concerts, shows, etc. An easy way to find out what's going on in most major cities. Just enter in what city your looking for, and start clicking away.


Movie times, listings, theaters, etc. If you want to go to the movies, Moviefone sure makes it easy to figure out what's playing when and where.


Looking for more culture in your life? From Theaters to Museums, this place has listings all across the Whole World. (I got this link off Bryce's Home Page) - Tons of movie previews, reviews, listings, etc. This is a really great site.

A way to buy movie tickets online. If you can't buy them here, you can usually buy them on Moviefone.

Counting Down

If you just can't wait for a movie to come out. Movie Trailers, Previews, Information, and other fun stuff.

Dude... What time is it?

The time AND the date no mater where you are in the world.

Is that for Real?

Current Net Hoaxes, Urban Legends, and other digital lies...

Got an e mail about poisoned pay phones, or a free $500 cookie recipe? Find out if it's true or not. Brought to you by the people at (which is now They actually have quite a good site. I guess they hunt around the Internet for stuff, and post links to things they think you want to look at. Kinda like me I guess...

Another great show from the Discovery Channel. They spend their time testing urban legend stories to see if they're true or not. Pretty cool, but I still like watching Monster Garage and Monster House better. Oh, and I can't wait till that Xtreme Martial Arts show comes out. That looks so cool. Wow, have I gotten off topic or what?

How do I spell that?

Spelling Two sites I should use more often. Synonyms

What Rhymes with that?

Write Express

Here's a free online Rhyming Dictionary to finally settle weather or not there is a rhyme for Orange. Type in a word, and you get a bunch of words which rhyme with it - although it wasn't able to come up with Door Hinge for Orange. Dumb Computers...



Rhymesaurus looks like a great rhyming program you actually buy and use from your home computer. No internet required. It seems really comprehensive. You can download and use it free for 30 days before you spend $34.95 of your hard earned bucks, but you only get a limited demo version to try out. : (

The Rhyme Zone

They were bought by Lycos, but they're still free. The Rhyme Zone is yet another online resource for finding words that rhyme. No Door Hinge here either. Sigh...

OK, so they aren't a rhyming site, but they are one of my favorite places to go for information & stuff, and they do have rhyming programs to download in their download section.

How do I cook that?

It's the greatest television channel ever! All food, all the time. There website is a great place to find the recipes from the shows you saw on their station.

From Cookies to Pasta. Yum!

OK. This is a pretty crappy site, but it's a great magazine. There are a few cool things here, but most of it is pay to play. Boooo!

Wolfgang Puck's recipe for samon in parchment

What's going on in the world today?

If you live in LA or are my friend Pete, sometimes what's going on in the rest of the world eludes you. - Enough news to shake a stick at.

PBS News

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. One of the best news programs here in the US to find out what's going on politically, and around the world. Brought to you by PBS of course.

BBC News

BBC World News. I often find that the British perspective on news is better than our own, even on stories which take place in America.

National Public Radio. There's tons of great programming on NPR. It makes my driving time feel much less wasted. Their news reports are really well thought out. Definitely two thumbs up!


NOTE: If you think you are informed about what's going on in the world because you watch Fox News, think again. A recent survey found that 80% of Fox News viewers who really paid attention to the news thought Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks. Look to other sources for your news, guys. Knowledge is power, and misinformation is down right dangerous!

How can I help make the world a better place?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation. They protect your rights as a computer user from the clutches of evil corporations. Rights you probably didn't even know people were trying to take away. If you're going to support anyone, support the EFF! stands up to the tyranny and bull sh*t of evil government. They put commercials on tv. They put up billboards. They even help you write your congress people. Man, it's good to have someone there fighting for us.

Granny D, at the age of 90, walked across the entire united states for campaign finance reform! If she can do something to make the country a better place, anyone can. Granny D can also help you to Register to Vote!

It was so long ago. Why should I care? Cuz this wasn't just a little squabble between the Democrats and the Republicans over some little political technicality, this was a full on robbing of america. And THAT never goes away! This is now our history and could easily be our future again if we just drop it and pretend everything is better now.
Watch this movie!

Planed Parenthood gives out condoms, helps you get HIV tested, and fights for a women's right to choose. They also make getting involved electronically super easy!

Now here you go. This is what punk is all about. Blowing the whistle, standing up for your rights, and really saying I don't want the world to go down the drain!

Speaking of punk, have you seen the NOFX anti-Bush Video?

You know, if you don't help pay for getting a candidate elected to the presidency, some big corporation will. That's why what Howard Dean is doing is interesting. He's gotten so many little people to give little amounts, that he's actually the forerunner for the Democratic party right now. Wow, it sure would be nice to have a president who was more into capitalism than corporateism...

Looking for a good place for intelligent political discussions? Then look no further than the Daily Kos. This is a great site!


Yelp. If you wanna know what people think of a local business, check out yelp. It's like the Myspace of reviewing sites. It's pretty darn great.

Links to Review sites, and a few reviews of my own (coming soon)

Looking for reviews online? Here's a collection of review sites which have been great sites in the past, but seem to be a bit lacking these days. I just haven't had a lot of time to update it lately. There is still some good stuff here though.

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