This is just an Unofficial Bassbin Twins Web Site.

Their real Web Site is which at the time of the posting of this site, had yet to become operational. Now that they are operational, this site is not as useful as it once was, but I hope you'll enjoy the little amount of information which I can offer you on The Bassbin Twins.

Updated 11/02/01

Up Coming Live Dates:

More shows coming in 2002

What are the Bassbin Twins up to till 2002?

We should see some new music and art coming from the Bassbin Studios in the coming months (yes Art! Art peaces which you can actually buy). That sure would make for a marry Christmas.

An Extreamly Underground MP3:

BassbinTwins vs Beastie Boys

Hey, if you want to get a Bassbin Twins 12" but can't seem to find it, head down to your local store and ask them to call up Watts or Nemesis Distribution in New York. They are the two Distributors which The Bassbin Twins use for all their records which they put out themselves.

If you want to book The Bassbin Twins for a show, all their Booking is done through AM Only ( Their Phone Number is (212) 253-5552, or you can e mail The Bassbin Twins directly at

Little known fact:

Peter Tall (the man behind the music of the Bassbin Twins) went to school with Craig McCracken, the creator of the Power Puff Girls, and did the sound tracks for some of the early early episodes (back when they were the Whoop Ass Girls). Here are some of those shows...



1st Pilot Episode

Frequently Asked Questions:

This section is currently being rewritten. If you would like to know anything about the Bassbin Twins (Who they are, where their from, etc.), please feel free to drop them an e-mail at


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