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Review Sites

Tom's Hardware Guide

One of the more respected computer websites on the internet. Full of good thorough reviews, and technical information. It's the kind of site big computer companies check out to see what's going on in the real computer world.

Anand's Hardware Tech Page

This site goes hand in hand with Tom's Site. Another really great site for computer part reviews and technical information. One of those sites who's logo gets printed on the side of boxes of high end computer motherboards cuz they gave it a good review.

Dan's Data

Here is a great computer review site from Australia. I might venture to say it's my favorite computer site I've seen so far. Great in depth reviews with tons of pictures each step of the way. I've learned a lot reading Dan's articles.


Computer Gaming World's Ultimate Gaming Machine

Video Games are always pushing the limits of the computer industry. I think it's always good to check out what the gaming guys think about what's out in terms of great computer parts. They have two versions of what they think is the perfect computer. The Lean Machine for those who are on a budget and the Power Rig for those who aren't.

Ars Technica

My friend Brian turned me onto Ars Technica. It's a great site with up to date Computing News, How-To Technical Data, and Reviews. They even have a buyer's guide with their own version of the perfect build your own computer which comes in three flavors: God Box, Hot Box, and Budget Box.



I personally have never really fell in love with this site, but it is one of the more famous underground computer sites for guys who like to push their computers, so I figured I should add it. I signed up for their weekly news letter, and now I'm automatically added to their monthly contests, and to top it off, I actually find the newsletter really interesting.

The Heatsink Guide

A lot of people who spend time working on their computers, are doing so because they are making them run faster then they were originally intended to go. This makes thing run really hot, and thus creates the need for sites which specialize in testing and reviewing products which cool your computer down. This one is one of the best

A website for people who want to make their computers run faster then they were supposed to. Reviews, articles, and more.

The Tech Zone

Another computer part review website, with articles and stuff. You can never have enough reviews when trying to figure out what parts to invest your hard earned cash on.


PC Mechanic

Want to build your own computer? Articles, reviews, "how to"s, even a step by step for building Computers and Networks and stuff.


All storage all the time. Reviews on hard drives, CD Burners, and stuff. You have questions, they have answers.

News, Reviews, Message Boards, Price Guides, Links, Etc.

Frosty Tech

Articles, reviews, news, forms, price guides, and links. There's lots of stuff here. You can never have to much information. Knowledge is power.

Sharky Extreme

Yet another computer part review site. It's a good resource though cuz they also have articles, price guides, news, and all sorts of stuff relating to the parts inside your computer's case.

Places to Buy Stuff

End PC

I just found out about this website. Fast stable computers are one thing, but if you can't hear your self think over the roar of the fans, what's the point? A great place to keep your computer cool AND quiet!

The Chip Merchant

Need a motherboard, CPU, or a CD-ROM Drive? The chip merchant almost always gets my business. It's good to have an online store which you can trust. Fast, safe, and good customer service. Their prices are even pretty good.

Think Geek

A great place to buy fun stuff online (MP3 players, binary code T-shirts, Jolt Cola, etc...). They tailor all their inventory to the needs of people who are really REALLY into computers and computer culture.


Crucial Technology

Crucial Technology is actually a fun place to buy computer memory. Tell them what computer or motherboard you have, and they'll give you a list of the memory which your computer was designed to use. Just click and buy (as long as you have cookies turned on). The second best memory money can buy, at really good prices. And by buying directly from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed a standard, high level of quality. At the chip merchant they just sent me what ever manufacturer they had in stock for memory. I feel much better having all my memory the same.


A good place for fans, fan grills, thermal paste, rounded hard drive cables, and other stuff to help keep your computer in tip top shape. Electronics

It's big and corporate and their main forte is a book store, but every time I've bought something from them I have been very presently surprised. Good selection, good prices, fast turn around time, and an all around fun online buying experience.

Compair prices for the parts you're looking for online.


ZD Net Shopper

Another place to compair prices online.

ReNew Computers

Want a whole computer for $250? Then this is the place. Sure it's a Pentium 120, but that's perfect if you want another computer for a network hub or a electronic cookbook for the kitchen. I've gotten 2 computers from these guys so far, and it's been great!


Places to buy fan's for your computer.

2 Cool Tek, Inc.

Cooler Guys

The Card Cooler

I have bought stuff from all of these guys and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Computer Cases

Elan Vital Aegis T10-AB

Most people tend to ignore the computer case when putting together their computer, but it's actually one of the most important parts. If your looking for a reasonably priced case which is also a joy to work with, the Elan Vital T-10 or their new A-10 might be just what you were looking for. Unfortunately they usually aren't sold at your local computer store, so you have to check their list of distributors if you want to pick one up

Lian Li PC-60

For considerably more money than any Elan Vital case, you can get the Lian Li PC-60. You do get a lot of little niceties for your extra cash. Nice buttons, ability to control the speed of the fans, every screw in the case is a thumb screw, built in hard drive cooling, a smart layout of where things go in the case, excellent air flow, and a beautiful silver finished casing which is easy to open & surprisingly light. Combine it with a Enermax 431 Power Supply (part of the Whisper Power Series) and you'd have the perfect case for any setup. They sell the Lian Li PC-60 at The Chip Merchant, and you can pick up a Enermax 431 Power Supply at Circo Tech. Thinkgeek is now selling PC-60s too, and they're selling them with a built in window. Neat.


Now this is a really cool computer case. It's major selling point is it's built in, idiot proof, Water Cooling System. Up until now water cooling has been limited to crazy computer guys who were willing to wire up water systems into their over clocked machines. Koolance is out to make it easy and viable for the rest of us too have water cooling too. The result? A easy to use, cool, well built case which runs really quietly. [H]ard|OCP even gave it a good review.

Clear View Technologies

For those of you who are a little more adventurous, don't care about EMF shielding, and want to see what they just spent a whole crap load of money on, there is Clear View Technologies. They make completely clear cases, and even put in well placed holes for fans. Look'n good!

PC Mods

Now let's say you have a computer case and you want to supe it up. Then PC Mods is definitely worth a visit. With neon lights which pulse to music and window kits so you can watch the light show, PC Mods have given people who have all this free time on their hands a place to spend their money.

Fast-MHz Case Mods Page

Want to take a look at what a whole bunch of people have done to their computers with dremel tools? Some people really go off customizing their computers! This one guy built his computer in a G4 Case. Wow.

Computer Security

Zone Alarm

I have recently moved over to Zone Alarm for my personal Firewall needs. It does do a few things which I like better than when I was using Black Ice. For one thing it stops both incoming AND outgoing traffic. Every time a program want's to connect to the Internet, Zone Alarm asks you if it's OK. You can tell it to always let certain programs connect which is nice cuz now I don't get error messages with Dreamweaver. It seems to be working for me quite nicely and it doesn't go off nearly as much as Black Ice was. To top it all of it's free for personal use.

Black Ice Defender

Within 30 minutes of installing Black Ice, it started flashing red and blocked a port scan of my computer. Black Ice works almost to well at blocking out the world at letting you know about it. The thing goes off all the time from port scans and and hacker's probes. I don't know which was better, having a program which was always crying "emergency" or, with Zone Alarm, one which doesn't.


There are programs which like to sneak into your computer, collect data, and then send that data out over the internet. Not only is this a violation of your privacy, it also slows your computer down and causes system crashes. Ad-aware searches out these programs and removes them, and made my computer much more stable in the process.

Gibson Research Corporation

Want to find out how exposed you are to the outside world? ShieldsUP! is a free service which scans your computer and tells you exactly how many holes into your computer there are. It's very informative, and kinda fun after you lock your computer up to see how well the software is working.


It's amazing how much information is braodcast by your computer every time you surf the Internet Anonymizer allows you to surf the Internet through them, so that anyone who you visit won't be able to figure out your personal information and your IP address. I've noticed a significant drop in firewall attacks after using this program.


Peachpit Press

The publishing company responsible for all those Visual Quickstart Guides. From Photoshop 6 to JavaScript, if you need to learn something about a computer program, these books are so much better than normal computer manuals I really love 'em. Peachpit Press also has the Visual QuickPro Guids for those of you who already know the basics, and want a more advanced look into a program. I haven't tired it yet but apparently they also have an Online Library for their Quickstart Books. You can subscribe for an annual fee and have free reign over a whole bunch of their books which they've put up online. It sounds kinda' cool...

Hack Proofing your Network & E-Mail Virus Protection Handbook

Two great books! Most home computer users go through life with a strange glazed ignorance about hacking and computer viruses, getting most of what they know from the media or from films. Ignorance like that is dangerous, not only because you run the risk of having your data destroyed, but because naiveté breads fear of the unknown. These two books will bring you up to speed on what's really going on, and help you protect your self or your business's network from the real world. A must read for everyone except for the completely computer illiterate or already skilled computer crackers. If you want to support the little guy, you can buy Hack Proofing from

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