The List

Napster: site that allows members to search and share MP3 files. site that allows people to exchange various files directly from their desktops without setting up Web sites or uploading files to a server.

Gnutella: open-source, fully distributed search and download system for media and archive files.

CuteMX: site that offers software for searching and downloading any type of file on a network. central server through which requests flow, allowing movie-trading online.

Freenet: peer-to-peer, decentralized network designed to distribute of information efficiently and without censorship.

Napigator: a way for people to run their own Napster servers sfter the company is forced to shut down.

FileFury: software that allows people to share files of any type and search other computers.

Hotline: site that enables live chat, conferencing, messaging, data warehousing and file transfer and viewing.

Jungle Monkey: distributed file-sharing program created as a research project at the University of Michigan.

OpenNap: open-source Napster server that contains links to connected computers, as well as other file-sharing protocols. site that offers MP3 files available from other music and video lovers' collections.

Wrapster v1.0: file-sharing software for the Napster community that can be used to share content other than music, including movies.

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