Crazy Fun Stuff

CD Gramophone

Some assembly required, but you can use it to carve your old cds into little silver records. What will japan think up next? Here is an article on how well it works. Not perfect, but for about $40 it sounds pretty great to me!

Ipod in a Walkman

Hide your ipod in the safety of the water/shock resistant joy of a walkman from 1988. What a great idea! They even sell kits so you can convert your own old ass walkman. I bet with their kit you could make one for smaller mp3 players too.



Mixman is a neat program. It allows you to remix songs like a pro no matter how musically skilled you are. It's kinda like being a DJ. It's kinda like being a Producer. But one thing's for sure. It's really fun! They even have a free demo on their website.

More than just fun.  With some practice you can actualy make real Tracks.

MP3 Players

256MB MP3 / Voice Recorder / FM Radio

This thing is tiny and it's got enough other features that it's actually pretty useful. When you get board of your MP3s you can record stuff off the radio, and when you need to memorize lines, you can record them in as MP3 files. See, it's a tax write off. You can also buy direct from Jet Audio. They even have some newer and better models to choose from!

MP3 / WMA / CD Player / FM Radio

MP3 CD players are great. You can burn 700 megs of songs onto CDs and with 8 minutes of anti skip this thing is practically as good as an iPod. You can listen to all your normal CDs on it too, and it's pretty damn small for a CD player.

Sony Ear-Bud Headphones

You got to read the back of the box when buying headphones cuz they tell you what kind of frequency response you get. You want headphones which get the lowest lows and the highest highs, yet most headphones totally suck. What's the point of spending $200+ on an MP3 player if your headphones suck the life out of your music. On the other hand, Sony ear-buds are great with a frequency response of 8 - 23,000Hz! It's that 8 which makes them sound good. To my ears they sound just as good as $100 studio headphones, yet they're portable and 80% cheaper.


MP3 Sites

Ok, so it's not an MP3 site, but it's SKA and  there are links to bands who have MP3's of their stuff.

A very good Ska Record Label.


From to Audio Find.  All the best MP3 search engines in one spot.

A bunch of MP3 Search Engines all on one site.


A great MP3 player.  The best one I've tryed.

A great MP3 Player!


The Napster Online Comunity

Just a word to the wise: I haven't updated this section in forever. Thus there are links to Napster from back when Napster was cool. How is Napster now? I have know idea, but I haven't had the time to change this page, so for the time being, the links to some of this old stuff stays.

An article in PC Magizine by John C. Dvorak

An article by Philip Weiss on Napster

Other articles written on the subject

Napigator You can also go underground with Napigator. As a result, Small hidden Napster Communities are popping up all over the place. Viva La France!



Napster in the News


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Gnutella is another program designed to help users share files amongst their computers. As a result it's a great way to trade MP3s. The advantage to Gnutella is there is no central server to sue, and hopefully that will keep it alive against the RIAA.

Boycott the RIAA If you don't like the business practices of the RIAA, you can sign the online petition and say a few words in support of the RIAA Boycott. They're also giving away 5,000 free stickers thanks to

Here is a List of MP3 Swapping Programs

The List

You can go around the RIAA all together and donate money straight to your favorite musical artists through


The best bass player I have ever heard. EVER!

Uriah Duffy

(Uriah's brother Yes is on Road Rules. How cool!)

It's Bunny: Musician, Artiest, and an amazing Stage Performer.

Bunny's World

An amazing Ragga singer who occasionally works with the Bassbin Twins.


After reading this artical, I went and checked out It's cool. You can listen to local bands from all over the place. I just wish there was more Ska.



Thinking about signing to a major label (or know someone who is)?

Before you do, you should really read this article (despite the fact that he's kinda dark and swears a lot).

The Problem with Music

But there is a better article...

Here's a speech which Courtney Love made in New York on May 16, 2000.

Courtney Love Speech

I'm serious. Knowledge is power! Read it.

For more information about signing to major labels, your rights, and what the RIAA is doing to screw artists and the public out of their rights as we speak, you should check out They have a wealth of information on their site.

If you're interested in seeing what the public thinks of the RIAA and Napster, you can read what the people who've signed the RIAA Boycott have to say (I personally liked what Brian Hobbs had to say on the 63101 to 63200 page).

Every CD you buy funds the RIAA. You can skip the middle man and give money straight to Musicians through an online service called

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