Looking to Buy a New Camera?

Here is an good article about getting the right camera for you. I personally am a fan of all manual cameras which Philip Greenspun apparently isn't. You can really get allot for your money with a a used all manual camera, and it's so much easier to learn quickly when your camera forces YOU to learn to take good pictures as opposed to your camera doing it for you. Fortunately he has been updating his article with the changing times, but since the Nikon 6006 has been discontinued, your going to have to look for one used if you take his suggestion of a good 35mm SLR. This article just keeps getting better! Thanks Philip...

What Camera Should I Buy?


PhotographyReview.com If you're looking for an opinion on anything having to do with Photography, this site has your wild thing. It's kinda like on online form, but every one is allowed to give a 5 star review at the end of their letter. An extremely helpful site!

B & H Photo

Probably the best mail order Photography Store around. They're out of New York and have been around forever. I've always enjoyed doing business with them.

Want to Learn More about Photography?


Philip Greenspun's photography website. Techniques, Reviews, Photo Exhibits, Camera Shopping, A Stolen Equipment Registry, and More. Great Site. I'm really glad he puts so much stuff on the internet.


The PhotoShopper 35mm Forum

Yes, PhotoShopper has their own 35mm forum. They also have lot's of other Photography stuff there too. Forms, Articles, even an Online Flea Market.


Lynn Farmer's New Forum

Not just a Forum. He also has a great Manufacturers List, a place to buy and sell camera stuff, and a Photo Imaging Exhibit where you can post your own pictures and see other peoples stuff.

My Photo Gallery 4

My Photo Gallery 5

So I met this photographer in NY who was really nice and her site inspired me to start an online photo gallery of my own (but man, do I have a lot of catching up to do!). All of my favorite shots are hanging on my wall, so It's going to be a wile before I get around to pulling them all down and scanning them in. Till then I've put together a small collection of second best photos. Got's to start somewhere I guess...

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