So this it just the best website EVER! If you haven't seen Strong Bad read his e mail, you are totally missing out on life...

Star Wars Kid

Probably the greatest internet video ever. The world is a better place because this exists! This kid was fooling around in the video room of his school, but his privet footage found it's way onto the internet. Then some production guys took it and added special effects. It's funny. It's horrible. It's honest and real. It's a great test of video production skills. But really, it's just SO Great!

If the website is down you can always search for the files on Google. Might I sudgest:


Flash Games


RSVP is a great little flash game. Simple, yet totally fun.


The world's smallest website, with tiny little versions of games like pack man, pong, asteroids, etc.


Our Friend Brian's Website

Brian's cool fricken website

Brian makes me laugh so hard. You have to see Angrybot in the We Are Robots section. So good...



Speaking of friends... Friendster is a kick ass website. You connect to your friends and then you can see through them who your friends of friends really are. Unfortunately right when friendster was getting really popular, they started cracking down on people having fun on their website, and everyone started using other sites in droves.

Similar to Friendster except it's much faster, you can up-load as many photos as you want, and you can join tribes of things you like (which ends up creating these cool little sub-communities). As a result, it's way more fun Friendster, there just aren't nearly as many people on it.


Another Friendster nock-off. This one allows you to change the HTML script of your profile page. It's kinda cool, but some people make their pages almost unreadable as a result. MySpace try's to set it's self apart by adding features. Myspace has grown in popularity so fast that now Friendster looks like they're the knock off site.



Facebook is the website that Friendster always should have been. It's a great way to interact with your friends online. My only complaint is that it's kinda hard to find the friends that are your friends in real life, if you don't know the right information about them, you can't find them.



Find out what people are up to in 140 words or less. Oh text messaging, how you've left your stamp on the world.


Making Artsy Craft Stuff


Totally artsy craft stuff to add to your art projects! This stuff is so great! I bought a little box of watch parts from them, and it was so hard not just buying the whole damn display. Everything they make is so cool. Well, their journals are sort of boring, but everything else is great!

Ready Made Magazine

Want to know how to make a chair out of cardboard, a lamp out of CD cases, or grow a couch out of grass in your backyard? Then this magazine has your wild thing!

Cool Stuff for Your Place


These one eyed things are toilet brushes. And that's just the beginning!

Lamps and tables and all sorts of cool stuff.


Yet another website specializing in selling cool things for your home.

And of course, no collection of cool stuff for your place would be complete without a little help from the guys at Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

Comic Book Artists

All of them are better than Killer Japanese Seizure Robots.

Lewis Trondheim

Lewis Trondheim's Home Page

Belgium is not only a great place for chocolate and waffles, but it's also an amazing place for comics. That's where I found out about Lewis Trondheim. His art work is beautiful and amazing, but his stories and the dialogue he writes is possibility even better. It's too bad most of his work is only in french. All the English translated versions of his work is published by FantaGraphics. If you want to order all of his works, but you live here in the states, Mars Import has your wild thing.


Peter Tall

Pete. Friend, DJ, and cartoon artist. For years most of Pete's work has filled sketch books and business faxes, but now through the joys of internet hosting, you too can now partake in Pete's work.

Don Hertzfeldt

Bitter Films

Don's cartoons are some of the funniest things I've ever seen. Through his Website you can find out what he's working on, look at his sketch books, and even buy T Shirts and DVDs. His Rejected by The Learning Channel cartoons are fricken hilarious!


DAve Warnke

DAve has been hitting up San Francisco with his cute little posters and stickers for years. His website has a nice selection of some of the stuff he's done, and even ways to buy his stuff for yourself. Be sure to check out the T-Shirts which DAve designed for The Un-Scripted Theater Company. They're totally great!

José Parrondo
José Parrondo is probably my favorite comic book artist ever! I wish this Belgian had his own website, but I've yet to find one. Till then, here are two books he has done in collaboration with Lewis Trondheim. Unfortunately none of José Parrondo's works have been translated into english, and these books are no exception. If you know a little french or have a friend who does, these books are totally totally great! With just a couple of years of high school french and a french/english dictionary, you'll be able to get through anything José Parrondo has done. You can also find a small amount of his work through Mars Imports.


West Coast Choppers

Thank you Discovery Channel. I never would have known how cool Jesse James was if it wasn't for you. This is his shop's website, but you can also get to the Monster Garage website from there if that's your wild thing.


Ok, these are just the coolest things ever! They're giant microbe stuffed animals. Who would have thought the Flu would be so cute. Hands down the coolest thing I've seen in a while. I ended up giving them to everyone I knew for Christmas. You can also buy them at the Exploratorium if you're in San Francisco area. You just tell them you just want to go to the store and they give you a store only pass for free. - What a great website. They showed up in my world during the dot com boom, and thankfully they're still around today. It's a place which is full of stuff you would love if you worked in an IT department. They have cool toys for your work life like mini rc-tanks, and nerf guns, and they have a whole bunch of stuff that will keep you up all night so you can keep writing computer code or studying for that test. However, a recent study showed that your caffeine levels need to be the same when you take your test as when you studied the information for you to be able to retain the knowledge you were cramming for, so you have to caffeine back up for the test too.

Looking for toys for the bedroom? Good Vibrations is the place for you. Everybody there is super nice and tastefully helpful. The place is clean and well organized. Adult toy stores can be gross and scary, but with Good Vibrations you can easily bring girlfriend without having her dump you because you're some sort of pervert. And their $25 gift certificate is always the biggest hit amongst my friends during Christmas gift exchanges.


MXC - Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

I don't know why anyone would watch this show, but then again I find myself watching it. So wrong, yet you just can't help yourself. If you can catch a marathon, they're way more interesting if you can see several episodes in a row. They've taken a weird Japanese game show, dubbed it with no regard to what the original dialogue was, and edited it into this low-ball-humor 30-minute show.

A Skateboarding Dog?

Woah! That bulldog really CAN skate! They have video clips of him doing it and everything!

826 Valencia

The world famous San Francisco pirate store!

Cocktail Sugar

Cocktail Sugar

Alcohol, Candy, and cool ass Cartoon Labels. What more could you want?


What is the best commercial? I love the What's Up commercials, but I also love the commercials (the tattoo one is their best), and then there's Make 7up Yours, and if you've never seen the Bill Clinton Commercial you're really missing out. What does all this have to do with AdCritic is a website where you can watch almost any commercial you want. They have a whole database of commercials which we Americans are watching right now. It's fun. They even have a top 10.

Spelling as bad as Mine

So here's a Website which is basically just a collection of stuff which tried to use English on their products, but really got it wrong.

Convert Web Pages to other Dialects

Snoop Dog

Fo shizzie ma nizzie!

The Dialectizer

Here's a site which allows you to convert to a whole bunch of different Dialectics.

The New Mini


Wow! I've always wanted a Mini, and now there making them again. I love the trend of remaking old cars which kicked ass back in the day. If it got better gas mileage this would be the perfect car. I wonder if they are ever going to make a highbred version. How cool would that be. It's still a damn cool car though!

The Two Best Font Websites Ever

Tom makes the best fonts I have ever seen and he gives them all away free!  Thanks Tom!

I use Tom's Fonts all the time. The Skull & CrossBones I use came from his "Tombats". I got the little robot off Tom's home page.

1000's of geally good free Fonts.  All on the same site!

You could easily spend days downloading good free fonts from this Site.


Voodoo Lights is so cool it's actually worth registering


Help mankind with scientific brakethroughs - Folding @ Home

  Help Search for ET every time your Screen Saver goes on

Or you could check out a Siobhan's personal favorite Screen Saver D2OL which uses your computer's down time to find cures for things like Anthrax and Ebola.


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