I started this site as a home page which I could go to and click on the things which I wanted to visit. I mean you have to have some page which your Browser automatically opens to. It might as well be a page of links which you would want to go and visit, right? If there is something which I think is great and useful, I make a button for it and thus it ends up on my site. I figure if I like it, hey, probably some one else will too.

I try and keep the site updated and fresh as often as I can. If there is something which you think is great which I don't have on my site, feel free to e mail me a link, but I must warn you, I can be quite picky, so don't take it personally if I don't end up using your suggestion. At the same time however, I really love suggestions! I can't look at everything on the Internet, so your suggestions of cool stuff is really helpful.

But why improvactor.com? The name was open, so I bought it. I had an idea to make an online database for improv actors, so that you could easily find other improv actors to work with. That was why I had originally bought it, but as hooked.net started going under, I decided to just move my normal site over to improvactor.com till I learned how to do back end programing. But now I really like this site here at improvactor.com. It's much easier for people to remember. I think I'll keep things here for a while.

I hope you like what I've put together so far. As always, this site is just a work in progress.

Thanks for stopping by,


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