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Christian Utzman
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The Un-Scripted Theater Company
The Un-Scripted Theater Company

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What People Have Said About Christian Utzman
Gerald Zepeda - Entertainment Director at the Renaissance Entertainment Corporation
Christian Utzman brought professional level training to our troupe of performers and helped transform them into an audience-ready cast.  

As former Director of Entertainment of the oldest and largest Renaissance Faires in California, I was determined to overcome anyone's pre-conceived notions that our performers lacked the necessary skills to deliver high caliber entertainment.  As part of my workshop and rehearsal program, I hired Christian to lead a series of workshops in improvisational acting for some of our performers. I was familiar with his abilities from my days as an actor and director and knew he could deliver.  He did not disappoint me.  

He understood our requirements and was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of performers and design classes to focus on their needs.  Utilizing his vast knowledge of theater games, his improv and acting skills and experience, and his directorial and coaching ability, he helped our performers discover and develop their own skills and raised the level of our performances.  Recently, my daughter expressed an interest in acting.  I have begun informally teaching her but advised her that, although I could help her reach a certain level, I would recommend she contact Christian Utzman if she was serious about progressing.  I am sure he would not disappoint her.


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