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Information about the Un-Scripted Theater Company in San Francisco

The Un-Scripted Theater Company was formed in late 2002, based on the premise that if a live show can be performed with a script, it can also be performed without one. Un-Scripted performs between four and six runs of 2-hour improvised shows a year, each lasting a month or more, out of a beautiful 50-seat theater in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square theater district. Musicals, dramas, game shows, Shakespeare shows, improvised films, tryptych-based shows and shortform are just some of Un-Scripted has produced over its past seven seasons.

Performing so many 2-hour shows night after night, the Un-Scripted Theater Company finds it’s easier and more satisfying to perform without the pre-determined story structures, plot lines, characters, or scene set-ups commonly used in single-genre longform improv. It’s up to the director of a show to train the cast in the skills necessary to perform their current production without those kinds of tools. By focusing on the building blocks of a show rather than on the architecture, Un-Scripted allows their repeating show schedule to remain fresh and alive, while at the same time pushing the actors to perform outside their normal comfort zones. It forces the improv actor to explore a full range of acting that many scripted actors don’t usually get the chance to experience.

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Information about the Un-Scripted Theater Company in San Francisco

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