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Many people are interested in the work we do here at the Un-Scripted Theater Company. If you are an actor wanting to explore our type of improvised theater further, we do have classes starting up again. Classes allow us to train actors the same way we would train if we were working on a show together, working on the skills necessary to push improvisation into successful 2-hour theatrical productions.

Improv can be such a great way to explore not just the roles you could get cast in at a normal theater productions, but it gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in roles outside of your normal "type". We try and make our classes more than simply improv classes, but actually full fledged acting class, because the two are one in the same. In any given story you could be called on to play roles that you're naturally good at playing or roles you might not be. Learning and practicing standard improv theater games is important when training as an improvisor, but exploring the acting skills necessary to play every role in a story is how the Un-Scripted Theater Company likes to take our stage performance to the next level. We're hoping you'll find this kind of rehearsal and training is useful for you too.

Please feel free to e mail if you have any questions. Space is limited, so two nights are going to be offered: Monday and Wednesday. Most actors enroll in one or the other. If you would like to sign up for both, that will most likely be a possibility, space permitting.

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Improvising the Un-Scripted Way -- May, June, July, August
These 3-hour classes will take you through improvising in the style of the Un-Scripted Theater Company using the skills that we train during our rehearsal process for our shows. Not only will you work on the same group work the Un-Scripted Theater Company does when we train ourselves, but the class will also focus on your own individual skills as an improvisor and how to take your own skills to the next level.

Taught by: Christian Utzman
Dates: Monday and Wednesday Nights
Place: San Francisco TBA
Time: 7 pm - 10 pm
Cost: $40 drop in on the day of class ($30 a class for taking classes as a whole series. Financial aid also available).

If a class series has already started, you are welcome to join in in the middle of the run. Much of the work that we do is geared towards the individual actor, thus making it possible to enroll in a course already underway.

To sign up or for more information please send an e mail to:
christian -at- un-scripted -dot- com

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